Camp Geronimo Information

Camp dates are June 16-23. The cost of camp is $335.00 – also included is a $50.00 deposit, that must be paid upon signing up for camp. Final balance after deposit is $285.00. If your son is planning on using his portion of the troop money to go to camp, talk to myself or David Sandvig.

Anybody that is interested in using a Council Campership, these are due by April 30th. Forms can be obtained on the Council Website:

Pre-requisites are a must. These are class requirements that must be completed prior to attending camp, or the scout will end up with a partial by the end of camp and he will have to spend his summer vacation finishing up the merit badge. Kathy & Jenna will have the pre-req sheet at the class sign-up meetings.

Boys that are taking Trail Begins can also take a couple “fun” classes – woodworking, leatherworking, cooking, etc.

Age Restricted Merit Badges:
Must be at least 12-13 to take any shooting sport merit badge (rifle, muzzle-loading, archery).
Climbing – 13 years old
Canoeing – 13 years old
Metalworking – 14 years old
BSA Lifeguard – 15 years old
EV Science – No First year scouts

Boys can sign up for the following merit badges on Sunday after we arrive at camp:

The Trading Post is now offering the Salesmanship Merit Badge.

The camp is doing new check-in procedures:
All Health Checks will be done in the parking lot when the troop does its initial check-in. Every attendee at camp needs a medical form – doesn’t matter if you’re staying for the whole week or just one day.
Boys that have asthma issues will be allowed to carry inhalers with them around camp.
All other prescribed medication must be turned over to the adult leader in camp (probably me) and locked up. When providing me with the medication, provide on a separate piece of paper the following info:
Scout Name
Type of medication
When & How much to give to scout

Swim checks will be on Saturday & Sunday.

More information will be sent out as the camp dates get closer.

Arizona Game & Fish

Following is a link to a new area of the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s website for scouts and cub scouts. The reason they have built it is to make it easier for scout leaders to connect with outdoor activity ideas. There are many fun, interactive, exciting activity ideas for scouts that the AZGFD has organized for your use. There are also work projects that help support wildlife conservation activities that are usually sponsored by conservation organizations. I hope you can make use of the new website information.

There is a second area of AZGFD’s website referred to as the Get Outside page. If you navigate to this portion of their website you can find information about all sorts of outdoor related programs, including youth hunting camps that are designed to teach families new to hunting all about how to participate safely and successfully. You can view the Get Outside portion of AZGFD’s website by entering the address below into your browser. Otherwise, you can go to the main AZGFD website at and click the Get Outside button on the bottom left side of the page.

The Grand Canyon Council and AZGFD are working on several other exciting things. For example, Explore Bowhunting, which is an interactive outdoor related curriculum, will be coming to camp Raymond and Camp Geronimo this year. Explore Bowhunting is presented by the Archery Trade Association.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department is also partnering with the Grand Canyon Council to bring the Conservation Challenge to camp Raymond. Scouts who earn the Rifle, Shotgun, Archery, and Fish and Wildlife Management Merit Badges will be eligible to obtain their Arizona Game and Fish Department Hunter Education certification with a short supplemental class, and satisfactory completion the Arizona Hunter Education Exam at camp Raymond. Attached to this email is a picture of the merit badge assembly produced through partnership between the National Wild Turkey Federation and the Boy Scouts of America.

Philmont Scout Ranch – PTC and Second Season Programming

Philmont Scout Ranch
Autumn Adventure
Philmont Training Center
Leave No Trace

To some the fall is the most beautiful time of the year at Philmont. Don’t be a stranger, for just $40/day, come witness the golden aspens, wildlife and excellent Philmont terrain on an Autumn Adventure trek! We welcome traditional youth groups as well as all adult groups.

In just a few months Philmont will complete it’s annual transformation into a pristine winter wonderland. Winter brings a wide range of exciting activities to the Ranch. For $100/weekend or $50/day your group and guide may find yourselves snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or even constructing a snow-shelter to spend the night in.

Philmont Training Center (PTC) hosts the best volunteer training, led by the top leaders to deliver the latest information, strategies, and practices to make your local Scouting programs a success.

The five-day Leave No Trace Master Educator course is designed for people who are actively teaching outdoor skills or providing recreation information to the public. This valuable training is recognized throughout the world by the outdoors industry, land management agencies, and the outdoor recreation community.

Contact Us: | | 575.376.2281

Youth Protection Training

Effective June 1, 2010:

 Youth Protection Training is required for all registered volunteers.

 New leaders are required to take Youth Protection Training before they submit their application for registration. The certificate of completion for this training must be submitted at the time application is made and before volunteer service with youth begins.

 Youth Protection Training must be taken every two years. If a volunteer’s Youth Protection Training record is not current at the time of recharter, the volunteer will not be reregistered.

See attachment in Fliers & Handouts section for more information.

Council Training

Greetings Scouters,
For many years, the Council Training Committee has been an advocate that, “every scout deserves a trained leader.” During this centennial year the Grand Canyon Council is one of twenty pilot councils for the Mandatory Training Initiative. This means that by December 31, 2010, all top unit leaders must be trained. This includes all Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, Varsity Coaches, Crew Advisors, and Exploring Advisors. To be considered a trained leader, the following courses must be completed:
• Fast Start*
• Youth Protection* (every three years)
• This is Scouting*
• Position Specific Training
• Introduction to Outdoor Skills**
* available on
** only required for Scoutmasters and Varsity Coaches
We currently have over 2800 units in the Grand Canyon Council, and for this 2010 year, it is our goal to have each top unit leader (Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, Varsity Coaches, Crew Advisors, and Exploring Advisors) trained for their position before December 31, 2010. To find when courses are offered, please check the council website ( to see when training opportunities are available, or you can also speak with your district executive. Please note that by not having a trained leader could adversely affect the ability of your unit to renew their charter for the 2011 year.
As a council we are working diligently to correct any issues with our current record keeping process.
In the mean time, we encourage everyone to do a few things:
1. If you feel your personal training records at the council office are inaccurate, please complete the online training survey at
2. If you have not completed the online trainings mentioned above, please do so, and also take a moment to look at the other great training courses available at
3. Please share this training initiative with others as not all unit leaders will receive this email.
We appreciate your desire to better serve the young people in the Grand Canyon Council. If you have any further questions, please review at the Frequently Asked Questions on the webpage or contact your district executive. With your help we can lead the charge into the next Century of Scouting with trained leaders and the best program for our youth.
In Scouting,
Council Training Committee

Meeting Format and Announcements

The way the meetings are being run have been changed to a new format:

7:00-7:15 – Opening ceremony and announcements by Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) – see below
7:15-7:30 – Patrol Meetings – take attendance
7:30-8:00 – Merit Badge and Rank Advancement classes
8:00-8:20 – Troop Activity
8:20-8:30 – Closing ceremony and clean-up

Announcements: We have developed a new method for the way announcements are to be conducted: There will be 3×5 cards on the back table. Print your announcement on the card before the meeting and give it to the SPL. He will read your announcement during the announcement time. Be sure to print your name on the card, so if anybody has any additional questions or needs more information, they know who to go to.