Camp Geronimo Information

Camp dates are June 16-23. The cost of camp is $335.00 – also included is a $50.00 deposit, that must be paid upon signing up for camp. Final balance after deposit is $285.00. If your son is planning on using his portion of the troop money to go to camp, talk to myself or David Sandvig.

Anybody that is interested in using a Council Campership, these are due by April 30th. Forms can be obtained on the Council Website:

Pre-requisites are a must. These are class requirements that must be completed prior to attending camp, or the scout will end up with a partial by the end of camp and he will have to spend his summer vacation finishing up the merit badge. Kathy & Jenna will have the pre-req sheet at the class sign-up meetings.

Boys that are taking Trail Begins can also take a couple “fun” classes – woodworking, leatherworking, cooking, etc.

Age Restricted Merit Badges:
Must be at least 12-13 to take any shooting sport merit badge (rifle, muzzle-loading, archery).
Climbing – 13 years old
Canoeing – 13 years old
Metalworking – 14 years old
BSA Lifeguard – 15 years old
EV Science – No First year scouts

Boys can sign up for the following merit badges on Sunday after we arrive at camp:

The Trading Post is now offering the Salesmanship Merit Badge.

The camp is doing new check-in procedures:
All Health Checks will be done in the parking lot when the troop does its initial check-in. Every attendee at camp needs a medical form – doesn’t matter if you’re staying for the whole week or just one day.
Boys that have asthma issues will be allowed to carry inhalers with them around camp.
All other prescribed medication must be turned over to the adult leader in camp (probably me) and locked up. When providing me with the medication, provide on a separate piece of paper the following info:
Scout Name
Type of medication
When & How much to give to scout

Swim checks will be on Saturday & Sunday.

More information will be sent out as the camp dates get closer.