Council Training

Greetings Scouters,
For many years, the Council Training Committee has been an advocate that, “every scout deserves a trained leader.” During this centennial year the Grand Canyon Council is one of twenty pilot councils for the Mandatory Training Initiative. This means that by December 31, 2010, all top unit leaders must be trained. This includes all Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, Varsity Coaches, Crew Advisors, and Exploring Advisors. To be considered a trained leader, the following courses must be completed:
• Fast Start*
• Youth Protection* (every three years)
• This is Scouting*
• Position Specific Training
• Introduction to Outdoor Skills**
* available on
** only required for Scoutmasters and Varsity Coaches
We currently have over 2800 units in the Grand Canyon Council, and for this 2010 year, it is our goal to have each top unit leader (Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, Varsity Coaches, Crew Advisors, and Exploring Advisors) trained for their position before December 31, 2010. To find when courses are offered, please check the council website ( to see when training opportunities are available, or you can also speak with your district executive. Please note that by not having a trained leader could adversely affect the ability of your unit to renew their charter for the 2011 year.
As a council we are working diligently to correct any issues with our current record keeping process.
In the mean time, we encourage everyone to do a few things:
1. If you feel your personal training records at the council office are inaccurate, please complete the online training survey at
2. If you have not completed the online trainings mentioned above, please do so, and also take a moment to look at the other great training courses available at
3. Please share this training initiative with others as not all unit leaders will receive this email.
We appreciate your desire to better serve the young people in the Grand Canyon Council. If you have any further questions, please review at the Frequently Asked Questions on the webpage or contact your district executive. With your help we can lead the charge into the next Century of Scouting with trained leaders and the best program for our youth.
In Scouting,
Council Training Committee